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"Marisella is a rare find and one of those HR Professionals you wish you could clone and make an entire team of! She has a special talent in managing relationships throughout the organization, setting expectations and delivering exceptional results... all while having fun doing it! One thing that I admire about Marisella, is that she puts the "Human" back into "Human Resource", which is a treasured skill set in our era of less face to face and more electronic interactions. I've worked with Marisella on several successful projects and throughout various companies, and I can say without a doubt I would hand pick her time and time again for any team or project... her exceptional brand speaks for itself."

Jasmine Hawthorne
Director, American Express

Here is what you will receive:

Pay only $1 to reserve your Strategy Session. At the end of the call, if you don't feel you've received huge value, just let us know and you won't be charged another penny - in fact, we will even refund your dollar deposit!!

  • Clarity in your next career move

  • A customized job search strategy specifically for you

  • A private 45-minute coaching call

  • A resume template to eliminate the guesswork

  • Confidence in having a game plan

Yes! I'm ready to not be stuck in my job anymore and get my private coaching session for a $1!

Please Note: This Strategy Session is valued at over $297 and is first come, first served. You will be charged $97 at 5pm on the day following your Strategy Session. If you aren't delighted, let us know at hello@marisellabodrero.com or at the end of the call and we won't charge you a cent (and will refund your dollar)


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